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Personal injury demands personalized representation from an experienced personal injury lawyer. At Weber Law Firm, L.C., we provide each of our clients with hands-on, one-on-one representation. When you need to speak with your lawyer, he will be available.


Your lawyer handles all matters of your case throughout the legal process. We pursue the maximum compensation you deserve with consistently attentive and professional service. Our attorneys serve clients throughout Missouri who have suffered personal injury because of the negligence of another party. We are experienced professionals, able to communicate, and negotiate with insurance companies and law enforcement in your best interests. We work aggressively on your behalf in and out of the courtroom, and we are prepared to take your case to trial if insurance companies are unreasonable in working out a settlement that meets your needs.


We are advocates for your recovery in the short term and for the full compensation you might need to cover any additional expenses in the long term.




We consult with accident, medical, economic and other experts, including life-care planners, as necessary when preparing and presenting personal injury cases. In a variety of accident and injury types, we are detail oriented in establishing the true value of your claim, including all medical costs, travel costs, lost wages, emotional trauma, diminished quality of life and long-term care needs.


We inspect accident sites along with design engineers, materials experts and accident reconstructionists, noting OSHA or other safety violations and defective products responsible for injuries or fatalities.


Our full service includes discussions of the advantages of structured settlement or special needs trust along with the tax and Medicaid eligibility issues to consider following settlement or award.



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